This woman is my woman crush everyday, but just for the occation #wcw. She makes me incredibly happy and two weeks without seeing her feels like months. Go tell her she’s beautiful.

Hey guys, this is happening tomorrow!! Come hang out with us. If you use the password “Brother Beast” at the door you get half off the ticket price!

My band Brother Beast is playing on this tour on Tuesday at Kings (14. W. Martin St. Raleigh, NC) @ 8:00pm. These guys are Topshelf and PureSound bands. Come hang out with us!

Yellow Sun, by Brother Beast

My band just released a cover of Yellow Sun (Lungfish). It’s pretty awesome, and reallly different. Check it out!

If you like it we have an EP for “name your own price” on the same bandcamp.


I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with this babe. #wcw

Went downtown to a barber instead of my usual girl. Straight razors and spin-to-dial phones. (at Walnut Barber Shop)

4,673 plays

Your face appears again and again. It never fails to disgust me. 

people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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